Cheap Gifts for Dads under $10

Whether it's Father's Day, Birthday, or Christmas, Dads can be really hard to shop for. We've got you covered to help find cheap, inexpensive items for dad.

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May 24, 2023


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We all want to try and honor the dads in our life. Whether it's for Father's Day, his birthday or Christmas, finding the perfect gift for dad can seem like an impossible task. And trying to find cheap, inexpensive gifts for dads when living on a budget can seem even harder.

Whether you are looking for a last-minute gift for dad, a gift to dad from the kids, or even a nice small gift for grandpa, there are some wonderful inexpensive options for every dad in your life. No matter what his interests are, here are some great options for gift you can get dad for under $10.

Amazon has a special Father's Day Page where you can search for all products and deals to find a great Father's Day present for dad!

Sporty Dads

Golf Tees

Golf tees are a great option for any dad that loves to hit the links! They are very inexpensive, and they are used A LOT by any dad that goes golfing a lot. Plus, you can't go wrong with these tees that have some dad jokes on them!

Take a look at all Golf Tees Under $10 on Amazon

Custom Sports Jersey

A wonderful way to honor dad is with his own custom sports jersey. You can customize these jerseys to say anything that you want, and it is sure to be something that dad will truly enjoy. Wearing a jersey with the pride of his family is something that every dad will do with honor.

Take a look at all Custom Sports Jerseys Under $10 on Amazon

Icy Hot

Sports dads are bound to get a lot of aches and pains from all the moving and running around that they do. A great way to help them is get them their favorite form of Icy Hot. A great pain relief application that will help to soothe even the most active dad after a long day of sports activities.

Take a look at all Icy Hot Products Under $10 on Amazon


Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers are a great option for any dad that loves his tech. They are portable to travel with dad wherever he might be. There are a lot of options that are waterproof which are great for the shower or at the pool. And best of all they are relatively cheap while still having some great reviews.

Take a look at all Bluetooth Speakers Under $10 on Amazon

Tablet/Phone Stand

For all dads that love their technology, a phone or tablet stand could be a wonderful gift. It makes browsing their device much easier and gives them the ability to look at the screen while doing other things. The ability to use a tablet hands-free would be a very nice feature for any tech dad.

Take a look at all Tablet Stands Under $10 on Amazon

Wireless Charger

For any tech dad, charging their devices is most likely one of the things they do the most. Since they use their devices so much, they need to charge them more often. Why not upgrade dad's charging setup with a new wireless charger. A fast and easy way to plop your phone down and start charging instantly. It would be a great addition to any techies' products.

Take a look at all Wireless Chargers Under $10 on Amazon

Master Chef

Grilling Accessories

One of the typical Father's Day gifts, but one you can't go wrong with. Get you favorite grilling dad ready for Summer with some grilling accessories. There are many inexpensive options here that will be super beneficial to any dad that loves to stand behind the grill and cook some burgers, steaks, and hot dogs!

Take a look at all Grilling Accessories Under $10 on Amazon

Unique Kitchen Accessories

If dad is more of an indoor cook than a griller, then why not try some unique kitchen accessories. Giving dad something unique for the kitchen might help him expand his cooking horizons. It might make him try something new, and then it's a win for you as well with some new recipes on the menu!

Take a look at all Kitchen Accessories Under $10 on Amazon

Cheesy Dad Apron

Nothing shouts Father's Day more than a cheesy dad apron! They certainly sound ridiculous and looks pretty ridiculous as well. But dad will definitely wear these with pride when he is in the kitchen. And he will most certainly show it off when cooking while guests are over!

Take a look at all Dad Aprons Under $10 on Amazon

Fitness Guru

Protein Shaker Bottle

For any dads in your life that go to the gym, they are bound to need a protein shaker bottle for any protein powder that they have. It is a staple among fitness experts, and the dad in your life might already have some. Another extra one couldn't hurt them at all!

Take a look at all Protein Shaker Bottles Under $10 on Amazon

Massage Ball

Any fitness guru is bound to get sore muscles at one point or another. Massage balls are great to help relieve sore muscles. Just roll the ball across the muscles and it helps to relax and relieve muscle pain. Your fitness dad will sure be thankful that you got him one of these!

Take a look at all Massage Balls Under $10 on Amazon

Water Bottle

Fitness gurus need to make sure that they stay hydrated. It is one of the key components of exercise and healthy living. Why not help dad out by getting him a new water bottle. He can carry it around with him wherever he goes and make sure that he is staying hydrated. It will certainly be a helpful gift for and fitness enthusiast.

Take a look at all Water Bottles Under $10 on Amazon

Handy Man

Working Hand Cream

The working man in your life is bound to get hard, cracked and raw hands from doing so much manual labor. Why not help him out with some hand cream for the handy man! This will help keep his hands nice and smooth, and help relieve cracked/dry hands so that he can keep his work going.

Take a look at all Hand Creams Under $10 on Amazon


A great option for any working man in your life would be a multitool. These are a one-stop shop that has many tools all enclosed in one single device. These are great options for dad to take on the go. He can easily put them in any bag or in his pocket for quick repairs wherever he might be.

Take a look at all Multitools Under $10 on Amazon

Screwdriver Set

Screwdriver sets are one thing that a handy man can't have enough of. There is always something that you need a screwdriver for, from small fixes to changing batteries in the kids' toys. Getting a new set could be great to keep in the garage, the kitchen, or anywhere else dad might need it.

Take a look at all Screwdriver Sets Under $10 on Amazon


Waterproof Backpack/Cover

The worst thing to an outdoorsman is getting caught in the rain and all their belongings getting wet. Getting dad a waterproof backpack or a waterproof cover will help keep everything dry if he does get caught in the rain at some point.

Take a look at all Waterproof Backpacks Under $10 on Amazon

Camping Towel

Being outdoors means a lot of sweat and potential to get wet. A camping towel is a great addition to any outdoorsman's collection. These towels are easy to pack in the backpack or put in a pocket. They can take it out at any time to keep themselves dry or wipe off any sweat.

Take a look at all Camping Towels Under $10 on Amazon

Outdoor Lighter

A great option for someone that loves being outdoors is an outdoor lighter. With a lighter they can easily start a nice campfire. They can also start a grill or other cooking device easily with a lighter like this as well. It is a great companion for any outdoorsman to have.

Take a look at all Outdoor Lighters Under $10 on Amazon

Quirky Gifts

Dad Joke Book

No dad is complete without his own personal set of dad jokes! Yeah, they might be a little cheesy, but it is something that every dad will get a great chuckle out of. And who knows, maybe there will actually be some good ones in there that he could use!

Take a look at all Dad Joke Books Under $10 on Amazon

Dad Mug

Another stereotypical dad gift is the dad mug. You can go wrong with a mug for dad. A great way to put a smile on his face every morning when he pulls his mug out of the cabinet to get a cup of coffee. It might seem cheesy, but it gets dad's day started off on the right foot.

Take a look at all Dad Mugs Under $10 on Amazon

Dad Keychain

Dad grabs his keys every day to go to work or wherever else he might be going for the day. A keychain to remind him of his family is always something worthwhile to him. This is another great gift to give dad a little pick me up during the day when he needs that little extra smile.

Take a look at all Dad Keychains Under $10 on Amazon

Final Thoughts

Dad doesn't have to be hard, or expensive, to shop for. There are plenty of gifts out there that are affordable and can still be super beneficial for dad on his special day. We just mentioned a few of them, but there are countless others that you can find as well.

How did we do? Are there other cheap gifts for dads that you have found? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts! As always, we hope that you have found this helpful on your journey as a Paycheck 2 Paycheck Parent!

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